︎︎        ︎...︎--_︎          ︎*︎__︎ ︎︎︎           ︎︎︎

a comedy of errors

︎running in lockstep

Hardly paying attention to anything anymore.

Sunlight hitting the trees, the sound shoes make on wooden floors, lying on a patch of grass.
It’s difficult to grasp my attention. Realizing you should not cry in parks because the trees are looking and the sky is too blue.

Digging up your feet in the dirt.

Hoping to maybe quit doubting.

Trees do not question.
Trees do not wonder.
Trees do not hurt anyone.

Today I chopped some wood, crossed the river, climbed a mountain and lit a fire.


v = Δs/Δt

vento ponteiro
• O que sopra do lado para onde se quer navegar.

I step inside a circle drawn on the ground.
I am standing in the middle of the circle. Inside the circle, time stands still.
The grass does not move.
There is no wind.
No silence, either. The air is filled to the brim with nothing.
I kneel on the ground.
Touching the dirt and the weeds and the grass.

Something feels strange.
I am filled to the brim with everything.



  pedra papel tesoura


I trip while I walk, I take large sips of water, I wear shirts inside out and only notice when I’m halfway there, my socks don’t match, I loose myself in everything, I turn into water, I turn into smoke, I turn into colors I never saw, I become things I don’t know the name of, I turned into a sound wave, I disappeared, I am silly, I trip while I walk, I fall on my back, I get back on my feet, I turn to dust.


verdade ou consequência

x → r x (1 – x)

aos quatro ventos
• [Informal]  Muito alto ou em todas as  direcções.

it appears you don't have permission to access this realm HUMAN + WIND = GHOST CLOUD + HUMAN = ANGEL